The Entrepreneur Community

The 37 Benefits of TEC

The Entrepreneur Community

#1 Every Member gets their own webpage that you can add as much content as you want 

 Do we need to list 100s more? 

 No, but we will, because we are committed to being the most generous entrepreneur community in the USA

  1. Personalized Webpage
  2. Local Meetups and Networking opportunities.
  3. Online Meetups and Networking opportunities.
  4. Be part of your City and State communities
  5. Be part of your interest & industry communities (masterminds inside or outside of your state)
  6. Resources on Google My business growth and Optimization (best lead generation for local)
  7. Resources on Website Optimization and SEO (get free organic traffic)
  8. Resources on Email Marketing (best free or low-cost options) 
  9. Resources on Video Marketing: YouTube, Facebook, and more.
  10. Low-cost expert assistance exclusively for members.
  11. Physical Digital Marketing Planner – Book (with online support and tutorials)
  12. Resources on Business Planning
  13. Resources to improve your Productivity 
  14. Workshops to learn what’s new and working today.
  15. Workshops with slides and check sheets that you can download and share with your team 
  16. Your business profile webpage can be used to link back to all your other online assets.
  17. Your business profile webpage can be used to sell direct or link to your products and services.
  18. Your business profile webpage can be used to have your personal email signup to a newsletter.
  19. Your business profile webpage can be used to share your expert content 
  20. Get paid CASH for contributing content or growing membership.
  21. 10 Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs 
  22. 10 Powerful Tips for the Newbie Internet Business Entrepreneur 
  23. 10 Sure-Fire Steps to take the Fear out of Public Speaking 
  24. 10 Tips for a Successful Entrepreneurial Pitch 
  25. 11 Secrets To Better Time Management For Entrepreneurs 
  26. 2 Ways To Eliminate Your Competition —>  It’s Easy  
  27. 12 Principles For The Success Of Any Entrepreneur 
  28. 3 Essential Boundaries for Mom Entrepreneurs and Their Husbands 
  29. 3 Free Home Business Entrepreneur Tools And Resources 
  30. 4 Rules For New Entrepreneurs – Practical Tips For Starting Right 
  31. 5 Good Reasons a Self-Employed Professional Should Take Vacation 
  32. 5 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant  
  33. 5 Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs.  How to Make and Take Time for You 
  34. 5 Tips to Help You Market When You Think You re Too Busy 
  35. 8 Traits Of The Perfect Entrepreneur 
  36. Create your own mastermind group within TEC!
  37. 100s more resources are being added every year.

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