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Susan Ortiz, LPC

Professional Licensed Counselor

Practices in Topeka, KS

She has been married to her husband Luke for 15 years and they have 3 sons. She is a baseball, soccer, football, basketball, wrestling, and chess mom and basically goes to work so she can get a little rest. She shares the house with only one other female, their bull terrier, Gemma, who looks exactly like the Target dog. Susana is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at K-State and is also a Graduate Assistant there. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling abroad with her family, adding hours to her scuba diving log, taking in live music, and boating at the lake. She loves riding motorcycles, has a Class M license, and has her very own 1970 Triumph Bonneville. She is proficient in Nerf weapons and is a master at concealing stockpiles of foam munitions inconspicuously in her home decor in preparation for the many impromptu nerf wars that take place in the Prochaska household.


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