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Refer a member and earn!

Recommend TEC through your website, email list, social networks, blogs, articles, and banners. Earn up to $42.50 for a single sale! Hundreds of entrepreneurs, hobbyist, agencies, publishers, and small business owners join our affiliate program every month!

We give back up to 50% of all member fees back to members that invite others.
We’d rather do that, than give our member $$ to Facebook or Google, agree?

How does it work?

Getting started is as simple as:
1 Go to your TEC Affiliate Portal

All members start at 26% back, Host and Directors get 35%-45%, find out more, here.
2 Select your marketing materials (banner, text ad, etc…)
3 Publish it online (website, blogs, Facebook, mails, etc…)
4 Get paid for every Member you Refer

Affiliate program FAQ
How do I join the TEC Affiliate Program?
You are already in the system, you can start recommending TEC trough your link today.

How does the TEC Affiliate Program work?
After signing up, you’ll be provided with text links, banner ads, and other marketing materials you can use to promote TEC.

When someone clicks through your link or banner, a cookie is set to remember that you referred that customer. If they sign up for an account within 30 days and become a paying customer, you’ll earn a commission for that referral.

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?
No, it is free to join our affiliate program, and there is no minimum sales level or other requirements.

Can I refer myself?
No. If you join our affiliate program and use the affiliate link to buy for your own personal gain, you will not receive a commission.

I’m outside the USA, can I still join your program?
Yes, you can sign up for our program from most countries.

How do I contact TEC if I have questions about the affiliate program?
Here you can find more info about our affiliate program. Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for?  Contact our affiliates managers directly via email