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I’m excited your interested in becoming a contributing member of TEC.

If you are part of a networking group, organization, or association, we are here for support.  If you are a Trainer click scroll down.

We are member focused and member grown, so it is important to feature expert members in our training, and support local networking groups.   We require you or your group to contribute a minimum of 6 local or online meetups, or 6 pieces of training over the course of 12 months to increase you individual commission to 35%.

If you are a networking group this is how we can support you and your membership.
Or how you can leverage your Profile page as your group/organization website page

  • You can set your members pricing to yearly, bi-yearly or Quarterly price you want.
  • It must be at least $45/year, but can be anything greater, used as a funding source, you get a % of.
  • Showcase your network on your Profile page
  • Payment link directly on your Profile page.
  • Links to all social accounts, group activities, and events from your page.

How you can Leverage TEC to eliminate logics of running your Group or Network.

  • No need for a website hosting, we can link your domain name to your profile.
  • No need for a separate bank account, use your affiliate account as your account to always see your balance.
  • No need for Membership coordinator, see all paid members on your page, and in your payments.
  • No need for to create attendance Sheets, Agendas, or have a Treasure
  • No need to have a Speakers or create Education, with our Library of Training and Resources for you members
  • All members get their own profiles to further promote your group and new membership.
  • All members get access to other TEC group meetings (that are non-exclusive)
  • All members get access to ALL online Trainings
  • All members get access to bi-monthly ask anything Office Hours.

Contact us for more information

Trainers that wish to share the expertise with the group, contribute to checklist, PowerPoint training, and resources.  You must contribute at lease 6 pieces of high value content in a 12 month period to be in the TRAINER section of the site, and links.

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